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Hey There!

I'm sure you can tell by my picture that it's not all beauty in THIS package! But I'll save the ramblings about all my years of experience and specialized trainings for a different page! (Hint; it's going to be the 'About' section)

I'll tell you instead that courtesy of my parents, I started going grey really young (17, Eep!) and as I've progressed through my career, it really did become apparent that I truly am passionate about graceful ageing.  It's so much more than 'covering' it; although that is priority number one!... Usually. 

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Where was I..??

Oh Yeah!.. Whether you are blending, covering, accentuating, embracing or transitioning; coming to the salon every 4, 6, 9, or 12 weeks.  You can still be stylish, age appropriate, low or high maintenance, and in complete control of the process!.. Well, not the natural process, but hopefully you catch my drift. 

And you do not have to be ONE color. Gasp.  Or even worse; 'root retouch with highlights'!  There is so much more available to you, let me show you the way!

Dark Wood Panels

Things you should know right now!

  • Be patient with your momma friends right now!  We're a little unstable.

  • 20 something days until CHRISTMAS!!

You're Welcome!