Ready for this?

I'm a handful & always on the go!

I'm pretty sure that my husband's favorite thing to hear is 'So I had an idea!' or 'Don't freak out, but I may have done a thing..'

But my kids love it when Momma decides on a whim that we are having dessert before dinner, or we are leaving in the morning for an impromptu road trip, just to keep it spicy!

That's me though!  I wasn't born here but we moved to Bend when I was 5 and as much as I LOVE traveling and visiting ALL the other places, I cannot imagine living anywhere else!

Me and the Hubbs have been together for about 16 years! Whoa (he was a really great choice for the first go 'round) and we have a very handsome 11 year old son named Deacon and a gorgeous very spirited 8 year old little girl named Cambria!

And if you can't find us, it's because we are either camping or taking one of those spur-of-the-moment road trips!

2017-08-12 16.31.42.jpg