New Client Services

As a new client we'll need extra time for a proper consultation so we can get on the same page! 

Please understand that some looks will require more than one session, but believe me when I say we will get as close as possible as long as your hair stays in prime condition!

Looking for a change or are nervous about seeing a new Stylist in general? (It can be scary, I know!)

I would love if you filled out the Color Consultation Form, it really can help in starting the process of understanding where you've come from and where you want to go with your hair!

Spruce it Up!

If you love what you've got going on then this is where you want to look!  This menu is based on enhancing or embracing your current tastes!

Be mindful that if you ARE looking for a significant change or haven't been to see me in several months, please let me know as soon as possible- as that may change your appointment timing & price.

Root Re-touch


Root + Partial Foil


Mini Foil (15 foils)


Partial Balayage


Root + Gloss


Root + Full Foil


Partial Foil


Full Balayage


Root + Mini Foil


Single All-Over Color


Full Head Foil


Custom Blonding



This is where you'll find some of the additional services that I offer! 

Need a haircut? Brazilian Blowout?

Orrr do you see something you'd like to add to your next color appointment?  Gloss anyone?

This would be an additional cost added to any of the above color services as well!

*Prices may vary based on your consultation and are subject to change.



Extra Color




Brazilian Blowout




Conditioning Treatment


Frequently Asked Questions!


That depends entirely on you!  Your hair goals, lifestyle, the condition of your hair, etc.  That's why we get a little nosy with all of our questions! 


Some general rules of thumb are:

  • Grey Coverage- 4-6 weeks (this varies by your preference)

  • Color Touch-Up- 4-8 weeks

  • Highlights- 6-8 weeks

  • Gloss/Toner- 3-4 weeks

  • Haircut- 6-10 weeks (Split hair doesn't know which way to go, and also- not cute.)

It is NOT a marketing ploy to get you to spend oodles more money!

Many hair color goals take more than one technique to achieve the look- there is only so much room on one's head to maneuver in a single visit, and I promise you'll be much happier with the result if we take the care to take the steps and pace needed to achieve it!

Technically you COULD possibly get your look in one visit!  But we'd need a Pit Crew and you'd need about a million dollars. So there's that.

Not gonna lie.  This has been a tough one to explain because at least in my experiences with clients, Toners have been used on them by previous Stylists to correct an issue.  Now hold on tight...

Toners CAN be used to correct mistakes, (And mad props to those Stylists who knew how to utilize their tools!  No shame.) 

BUT Toners are sheer non-ammoniated color predominantly used to ENHANCE or polish a look by slightly changing the tone!  I.E- That icy blonde!  Not to mention it adds shine for healthier looking hair! Win-win!

There are a couple of parts to this question.  

The first, is that there will always be some degree of naturally underlying warmth in someone's hair and it's your hair's attempt to revert back to it's natural pigmentation!  Phew!  Mouthful, I know.

The other answer to this question is that UV rays, heat damage (whether environmental or mechanical from hot irons), product and/or mineral build-up all cause yellowing.

What kind of maintenance am I looking at?

What is a Toner?

Why does color take multiple sessions?

My hair always pulls red/orange.

Why does my blonde or naturally grey hair yellow?

Without getting too 'Science-y' on ya, there are a couple of Level Charts we Stylists use in Every. Single. Formulation.

One is the range of lightness/darkness- There are 10 levels (1 being the darkest, 10 being the lightest).  Do you know what level you are?

The other being the Natural Underlying Pigment Chart.  What is she even saying to me??

It means that on that scale- the darker your hair is; the more red-red/orange tones will be exposed in a lightening process, medium hair may expose orange-orange/yellow, lighter hair will likely be some version of yellow, and so on! 

The points to be made?  

When we are initially coloring your hair, we are planning on the underlying warmth and how to negate it.  The other point as I mentioned above is that your hair will naturally want to revert back to it's warmer natural state.  

It doesn't have to be a vicious cycle; but we do need to work together!